We've been working hard on the upcoming release of the new Points Mentioned.The new natural language processing (NLP) engine will not only tag locations mentioned in news articles, it will also identify and categorize proper names; i.e. the Who, What, Where, and When of every story.  This project is all about reshaping the presentation of information. We are distilling down thousands of articles to their essential components and connecting that information in useful ways.  Think about it, currently when you're reading a news article and come across the name of someone you're interested in learning more about what do you do?  Probably open up a new tab in your browser and just Google it. We are creating a system that organizes that information, and creates an intuitive interface for access, within the article itself.Any proper name mentioned in the story is hyperlinked to a profile page, which illustrates a high level view of how that person, place, or thing is represented in the news.Check back for more updates, we are excited to launch this new product over the next few weeks!