has established itself as a news source that combines the timeliness of twitter, with the dependability of a full time editorial news staff.  The company recently released an iPhone app with proximity alerts, which brings the geographic dimension of the news more to the forefront.

When I read about this app in Fast Company, I felt like I was reading a description of News Bayou.

The article explains why "geolocated news is going to change the news business"; this is a claim that we certainly agree with. We downloaded BreakingNews to give it a shot and they've definitely got a great user interface and personalization options.

One thing I feel that's missing is the granularity of the content. When I pulled up the app, it was showing me news from all over the world, when I am sure there is more than enough breaking news right here in NYC.  It seems that the hyperlocal, geotargeted news niche is still in need of a service to fill in the gap; an app that filters through the tremendous volume of information online to find the information that is most relevant to you and where you are. This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish with News Bayou.

The most remarkable thing about this app are the "proximity alerts", which are clearly going to be a game changer in the world of mobile news. News Bayou is excited to announce it is currently developing its own proximity alerts, which will push notifications to the user as they approach an address or intersection that was mentioned in a recent news article.  The user experience will be incredibly powerful; imagine walking down a block in your home town and getting an alert about a robbery that happened at the corner you are standing on.  This is definitely the future of personalized, mobile news.