Yesterday, IBM opened its NYC office for developing Watson, the revolutionary software that uses the most advanced algorithms in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to beat the two best players in the history of Jeopardy.

But Watson is capable of much more.  As described in the video above, Watson was build on a Q&A engine that can be applied toward countless tasks; i.e. playing a game, diagnosis a disorder, connecting clues in a cold case, really just serving as an advisor in literally any human cognitive task.

IBM's ambition to open up Watson to make its capabilities available to the world is exciting and clearly indicates a trend toward cognitive computing. Currently, IBM is focusing its innovations in select industries primarily healthcare, education, financial services, law enforcement. We see our role at Points Mentioned not as competitive as we remain focused on natural language processing for the news. We are developing NLP algorithms that automatically identify the who, what, where, and when of every story. Then we make the big data available to the reader directly in the article.

In the Watson video, they talk a lot about how Watson isn't a search engine, its giving intelligent, contextual answers.  Its gives useful information when and where its needed. I really don't know how much better it can be done with the news than the way we are doing it.  Turning every article into a dynamic experience with easy access to background info, related articles, and relationships between any proper names appearing in the text....This IS Watson for the news!

We are focused on growth, so our automated geocoding system is available for free to qualified publishers.

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